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La alegria, Biarritz, wheels and waves 2014

SURFRIDER Foundation 10th Anniversary International Surfing Day w/ Deus Ex Machina from Surfer X Blood on Vimeo.

Surfrider Foundation x Deus Ex Machina x SurferxBlood
Surfrider Foundation with SurferxBlood and Deus Ex Machina threw the 10th Anniversary celebration of International Surfing Day in Venice Beach, Ca on June 20th 2014. To celebrate and welcome the coming of Summer Solstice and to inform the next generation of surfers and ocean lovers. Surfrider WLAM collected signatures to ban single use (EPS plastic) food containers from Los Angeles County as well raised over 5K which will be used to protect our local breaks, oceans, waves and beaches.
A wave of gratitude to the event organizers, our sponsors Sapporo Beer, Barefoot Wine, all the volunteers, donors, all the supporters that came out to support and party with a purpose and all those who were part of making this event a success! Deus Ex Machina USA, The Teddy Boys, Naive Thieves, Summer Twins, Brook Power, Benedek, Shplinton, SurferxBlood & Surfrider WLAM.

Japanese Motors Interlude
John Maus No Title (Molly)

Event Production: Morgan Pharoh + SurferxBlood
Video Production: Ryan Aylsworth

The Ride from All:Expanded on Vimeo.

Presented by Free People

Starring: Erin Wasson and Mark Wystrach

Directed by Duncan Winecoff
Creative Direction by Guy Aroch and Free People
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff

2nd Camera: Jake Saner
Editor: Ryan McKenna of The Mill
Producer: Carl Walters of The Mill
Color: Michael Rossiter of The Mill
Sound: Midnight by Salomon Ligthelm, Courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.

COSTEAWAY from Alessandro Giuzio on Vimeo.

Dimitri Coste in Biarritz, Wheels & Waves 2014


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